Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So as my second week as a new realtor came to a close, I was still feeling a little overwhelmed.  One of the first things my company did was ask me to put together what is known in the biz as  a "sphere of influence" or center of influence.  Just a list of 50 of your closest family and friends.  50???? are you crazy?  I don't know 50 people.  So I started by going to where else, but Facebook.  I wrote people I haven't talked to in years.  I could imagine the responses I was going to get back, but imaging my surprise when people were supportive and gave me the information I was requesting from them.  This was exciting and I thought wow! I can do this.

I then met with my real estate coach, who has been wonderful and helping me take things one step at a time.  We have a checklist and each week I have certain things to get done.  This week I had to draft my announcement letter.  This is the letter that I will send out to center of influence to let them know I am now a realtor with Prudential and that I am here to help them!   Other things I had to do this week was add more people to my list, which was pretty easy now that I realized I don't have to have phone numbers for everyone.  The addresses are the important part.
So I started wracking my brain and ended up adding people I grew up next door to.  My childhood friends' parents, ex co-workers, and my own neighbors (whom I had previously forgotten about).  I ended up with 106 people total and was very proud of myself!  Now on to next week :0) 

Friday, August 22, 2014

My first week as a new realtor

So this past week I finally got my real estate license and the week was full of meetings and paperwork.  Tuesday I met with the new agent representative in our office and filled out all the required paperwork and signed all the contracts.  I also received a small business card with a bunch of user names and passwords on it.  I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by the time I left, but we both decided I just needed to breath and take things one step at a time.
That same day I received a phone call letting me know that my office number was now forwarded to my cell phone and that my fax to email was ready too.  Cool, I thought.  I didn’t realize being a new agent came with so many perks.  I also got a call from new broker “officially” welcoming me aboard and letting me know who my coach was and that she would call me later that day.
The excitement continued that evening as I showed my husband all my paperwork and told him about all the websites I now have access to.
I jumped on my company’s website and first signed up for both the classes being held on Thursday and I called to make an appointment with our local real estate office to pay all of my fees for Thursday afternoon.  Because I was planning on being in the office Thurs. morning, my coach and I decided we would meet after my first class.
Wednesday I had to take the kids to Dr appts and then spent the afternoon relaxing and preparing for my big first day back at work.
Thursday morning I got an email saying the first class was cancelled and I was pretty disappointed.  Then I got a text from my oldest daughter saying she didn’t feel well and needed me to come pick her up.   So I went to pick her up, called the Dr. to make an appt, called my coach to reschedule our session and just like that my first day “back to work” was completely turned upside down.  I did go to my afternoon appt and pay my fees where I received another new toy. My activekey (it’s what lets you into all the houses that are for sale here).

The craziness on Thursday which was supposed to be my first "official" day back to work lets me know that I did make the right career choice for me and my family.  The flexibility I have when it comes to taking care of the important things in life just can't be beat!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A little about myself - I am married to a wonderful man!

Together we have two beautiful daughters and I am the step mom to another daughter and a son.  Previously I ran my own business for about 20 years before going through a hard time within my family, selling the business and working for "the man."  I hated every minute of it and craved the feeling of running my own business once again.  So last year I began taking online classes to get my realtor's license and after completing all the coursework and testing, I now am a licensed real estate agent in the state of Kansas

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